Paris van Java…

Keep Bandung Beautifull euyyy…….

Bandung is one of the holiday escape for both domestic and international travelers. It offers wide range of tourist attractions worth to be visited. Plan your trip to Bandung and include the following tourist attractions in you itinerary.

Tangkuban Perahu ( The Volcano )Even if you are content to merely shop till drop in Bandung, you might be tempted to head for Tangkuban Ratu. Without even leaving the comforts of you car, you can peer down into primordial ooze of a a live volcanic crater secure in the knowledge that if the vendor tapping outside your window feels safe enough.

Ciater A visit to the hot springs of nearby Ciater is a relaxing way to end a trek through the hillsides and many of hotels have private sunken pools filled with piping hot spring water.

Jatiluhur Another short trip from either Bandung or Jakarta, is the Jatiluhur man-made lake and hydro electric dam, an enormous body of water offering opportunities for water skiing, parasailing, and canoeing. Around the perimeter of the lake are several coffee shops and small restaurants catering for the few travelers that do come through. There are basic overnight accommodations as well some with air conditioning and hot water.

Dago Tea House Located two kilometers north of Bandung, offering a sweeping view of the city. A short hill climb from there reveals several foot paths through cool forests and waterfalls.

Geological Museum For anthropologies, Bandung Geological Museum houses a Java Man exhibit that does not quite do the man justice but at least tells us of Java prehistoric importance and that Bandung is located near its primal origins.

Art Deco The fashion and architectural rage that swept the modern would after the discovery if King Tut tombs had every body talking of Egypt and its mysteries. Art deco came out of that fad for all things Egyptian and Bandung, in an effort to join the craze and get hip, built several major buildings that took the form to its most avant-garde.


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